Project Description

feature film 2015 kidnep

1998 Abeltje

AL | 90 min. | Family
18 Oktober 1998 (Netherlands)

Ben Somboogaard
Reinier van Brummelen
Burny Bos (screenplay)

Annie M.G. Schmidt

Production Companies:
Bos Bros


Pupil Abel is the victim of Laura’s nasty prank, yet gets accidentally blamed and overreacts. His ma withdraws him from school and gets him a job as lift-boy. But its’ a special lift: when he pushes the forbidden green button, it takes him, Laura, Jozias Tump and Maria Klaterhoen to Manhattan. There he’s mistaken by a rich bitch who looks like his mother for her long missing son Johnny. When a police helicopter comes to tow the lift cabin, the Dutchmen get back in. It takes them to a Latin American country, Perugona. The new revolutionary leader realizes presidents live about one year, so he gives the job to Mr. Tump, who saved his life. The news coverage attracts Abel’s and Johnny’s family, in time for an even weirder finale.